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The Creative Class: Reverse Graffiti

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Huffington Post has a really interesting post about reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging or grime writing.

Reverse graffiti is form of street art that involves carving into the dirt and dust that surrounds us. Artists subtract from a surface in order to create a negative image within the positive, often quite dark layer of grime.They use methods as simple as dragging their finger across a dirty car window or as elaborate as carving elaborate stencils, which they then mount on a surface and spray with a high pressure water hose, to impress a finely wrought illustration or message. Reverse graffiti is a form of activist art, in that the work often draws attention not only to a particular image etched into a surface, but also the extent to which these surfaces - and our cities - are caked with pollution.

Check out this video and then go view the slide show at HuffPo.

A story to make you smile

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Here's a story to make you smile, especially if you're over 50 or getting close -- from kossack SnowItch.

Have to tell a funny story about silver-hair.

I've taken up rowing (sweep rowing to be exact - long boats with eight rowers you see every 4 years in the Olympics).

The team that I row with fields a boat in the 50+ category (I'm the baby in the boat at a youthful 48 years old). The races we participate in are called head races, which means that all of the boats start at the head of the race and are timed on how long it takes them to complete the course. The boats in head races don't row against each other, they are started in 15-30 second intervals one boat after the other.

Two weeks ago, we rowed in a 5,000 meter race in which we were the 2nd to last boat to start. We ended up passing 6 of the boats in front of us, including one crew from a University. We were thrilled with our performance, but took special pleasure on passing the college boat.

The icing on the cake was when we were leaving the rowing venue. There is a very steep hill from the river going up to the parking areas. As we were slogging up this hill, a group of young men came running past us. Following the young men was their coach in a golf cart. The coach was yelling, very loudly, "and you'll keep running these hills until you're able to beat a boat of grey-haired old men"

I'm still smiling...

More from the Creative Class

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The first one is via Kos

The second makes the point about the executive experience of a mayor of Wasilla, Alaska ever so well. It is a dramatic reading of the minutes of the meeting of the town council of Wasilla courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

Kudos to the actor, Chris Schneider. Don't think I've ever seen such an entertaining reading of minutes before.

Twitter in Plain English

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You've heard people talk about twitter but don't know what it is. Well, here's a plain english explanation.

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