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Willard Wigan micro sculptor

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This is almost unbelievable. Talk about creative in a whole new dimension.

Canadian Meteor & Beyond the Galaxy

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This is pretty amazing video.

Same video replayed a few more times with more information delivered in a slightly snarkier tone courtesy of Countdown.

For the first time, astronomers have captured images of a distant planet in a different galaxy.

Pretty cool stuff.

Miriam Makeba

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Miriam Makeba collapsed while giving a concert in Italy on November 9th and died shortly after. People have been remembering her over the last few days. She was more than just a beloved musician. She stood up and spoke out against injustice. Here's a video of her appeal to the United Nations to help her people suffering under apartheid in South Africa.

And I've collected some of the songs that were posted. Here's a live rendition of Under African Skies with Paul Simon:

Miriam Makeba singing her hit "Pata Pata" in 2007

Miriam Makeba with Hugh Masekela- South Africa Freedom Song

Soweto Blues written by Hugh Masekela

As one commenter put it, here's "One of the sexier band introduction segments I have ever seen!"

Here's another song from that appearance at Bern's Salonger: Miriam Makeba - Mayibuye

And another song titled Kilimanjaro

Forbidden Games (lyrics)

When I've Passed On

The African National Anthem: N'Kosi Sikeleli Africa - With Miriam Makeba

[via hairylarry and Deoliver47]

Celebrating St. Martin's Day in Germany

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I saw a couple of references to St. Martin's Day on November 11th which is Veteran's Day in the US and I wondered what it was. The Local which provides "Germany's News in English" offers this delightfully-written Q&A on the origin and customs of St. Martin's Day.

The medieval help desk

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The medieval help desk ... users haven't changed. Via David Brin's website

Another creative thing

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One of my sister-in-laws is a scrapbooker and she's done some wonderful books like the one for our in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. She even goes away to a scrapbooking house for scrapbooking weekends -- that is, a house specially furnished for scrapbookers who bring their own meals, sleep in dorm style accommodations and spend their days/evenings creating at tables spread all around the communal areas, chatting and drinking wine at night. At any rate, that's my point of exposure to the world of scrapbooking and all the stuff that goes into it.

So my curiosity was piqued when I followed the link for the 7-year-old blogger Stas who got a letter from President-elect Obama about his blogging and encouraging people to vote for Obama. [via]

Clearly the pictures on Stas's blog were not done by Stas and in one of the posts, the following credit appears.

(LO & Photo by Ann Hetzel Gunkel; Digital supplies from Scrap Girls)

So I went to check out Scrap Girls and I'm not sure what to think. Looks like you can pretty up pictures as Stas's mom did for his blog but what else do you do with what you create in digital scrapbooks? Print them?

Unfortunately, you won't learn from this website. Though access to the "raw materials" is there, both free and for a price, there does not appear to be any explanation or FAQ of what one does with digital scrapbooking for people who just wandered across the website without any prior knowledge of the subject. And that's unfortunate, because it looks like it could be interesting for those who are creative or not-so-creative and willing to purchase the building blocks of creative layouts from others.

The White House Tour by Jacqueline Kennedy

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An interesting history lesson on the White House, here's the original White House television tour conducted by Jackie Kennedy. Huffington Post is polling whether or not Michelle Obama should do another White House tour. [via]

Yo-Yo Ma & the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

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A mental health break:

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