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Bored in the print shop

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Looks like they were bored in the print shop. [via]

Two more immigrants living the American dream

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Totally frivolous and yet not. Here's this morning's interviews with the two immigrant designers who were surprised to see Michelle Obama wearing their designs yesterday.

From Jason Wu, 26 year old designer whose creation will now reside in the Smithsonian alongside other first ladies' inaugural ball gowns:

The fact that Obama discovered Wu by herself and called him to design a ball gown made the moment special, he said.

"That's so magical," Wu told Vieira. "As an immigrant, that's such an important thing to me. I'm living a dream that so many people have."

Here's some perspective from fashion insiders about Michelle's choices.

Largehearted Boy

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Ran across this website, largehearted boy, while googling for a solution to something else.

It's a blog focused on music and dvds and includes among other things, weekly lists of free and legal music releases to download, dvds to be released, etc. I found it via this post which mentions all the places that he's been written up.

Looks like a good place to spend a few hours.

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