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Yes 1 or 2 kids can make a difference

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Here's a wonderful story about 2 girls who made a huge difference in their community.

Think one or two people can't make a difference?

Then you don't know about Amanda Huhman and Libby Burks.

The two animal lovers double-handedly rallied an entire community to support a cause they believe in. Because of their efforts, the deteriorating, crammed-full Central Missouri Humane Society won a nationwide shelter-makeover contest Monday worth up to $1 million in cash and services.

Did I mention yet that Amanda and Libby are 13 years old? [...]

The seventh-graders, who have been volunteer dog-walkers and kitty-cuddlers at the shelter since age 9, got it into their heads in January that their coming-apart-at-the-seams shelter was the perfect candidate for the Zootoo makeover contest they read about in a magazine. They approached the shelter director to get her blessing and then they got to work.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But that's not to suggest it was easy.

By the time the girls had learned about the contest, conducted by Zootoo, an online community of animal lovers, it had already been going on for months. Late-starter CMHS was in 859th place in mid-January.

The article goes on to outline all the girls did and their activities could serve as a guide for any successful community effort.

Is there a chance this could have happened without the efforts of the two girls? "That's a big, fat, absolute no," [shelter director] Forister declares. The two teens were a compelling catalyst who presented a case in ways officialdom couldn't.

The girls are "personable and professional," says Forister, and "their enthusiasm was absolutely infectious." [...]

Forister regards all that has happened in four short months as an object lesson for parents ... for the world, really. "If a child wants to do something she's passionate about, supporting that effort and watching it bloom can bring unimaginable reward."

Way to go girls. Congratulations to you and to your parents who gave you a terrific foundation of values and support from which to act.