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A creative book intro

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Here's an interesting way to introduce a new book -- via Cory Doctorow at Boingboing.

From Jeffrey Carver's website:

"The prologue to my SF novel Sunborn (Tor Books), [is] narrated to an animated video sequence drawn from a slew of NASA images from Hubble, Chandra, etc. In the case of this particular prologue, the astronomical images actually do reflect the story of one Deeaab, explorer from across the brane-boundary. I think it's pretty cool, which is not entirely bragging, as the real video wizardry was done by a fellow named Adam Guzewicz. Created for a local arts festival, I decided to see if it might be an interesting way to introduce a book to new readers."

The book can be downloaded as an ebook from his website or purchased via Amazon or your local bookseller.

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