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Creative Appreciation Break

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One of the graphic design / web design people that I keep an eye, Veerle Pieters, on is on Flickr and posted a picture of her contribution to the Traveling Moleskine which is a moleskine (one of several) that was handed off to artists/creative people. Each was told to fill in one or more pages and pass it onto another creative person. At the end of September they're all supposed to be returned to the person who started the project and they're going to have a party and display of all the artwork. In the meantime, some scans of the Traveling Moleskines are up on Flickr.


This one by Sylvie Van Hulle struck me as particularly beautiful and it led me to her blog where she posts her sketches and watercolors along with some notes and commentary. Here's some of her work on Flickr. I think you'll like it.